Radeče, 19.1.2021

Radeče papir nova, d.o.o. is excited to announce that our paper with security elements is certified by HP Indigo for use on HP Indigo Digital Presses (HP Indigo 12000, HP Indigo 10000, HP Indigo 5000, HP Indigo7000 and multishot) for generations S2, S3 and S4.

Success of our R&D team has opened opportunities in expanding market of digital security print to Radeče papir nova and we are looking forward to exploring it.

HP Indigo Digital Presses present new way of digital security printing. It works with the help of special electro-liquid colors, which, for good prints and performance, require specially made paper, similar to the usual type, but properly prepared with a special coating. To facilitate this, a coated paper has been developed at Radeče papir nova, d.o.o. that ensures the operation of all digital security features and enables superior quality printing. In HP Indigo digital printing, on all substrates, ink will adhere properly only with the help of a primer.  An ideal primer can improve ink transfer from the blanket, image quality and mechanical/chemical durability of the printed image.

HP Indigo certified UV dull paper produced by Radeče papir nova, d.o.o. ranges from 65gsm to 110gsm. Security features include UV fluorescent, multicolour, and visible fibres. Watermark and chemical sensitizer are also possible. Paper is available in multiple sheet formats.

We are proud our paper was presented and used in HP Indigo Security Printing Masterclass Live between 19th and 21th January 2021: